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Researcher from Kazakhstan among World's 100 Most Promising Young Scientists

Yelena Novikova is an early-career researcher from Kazakhstan, who took part in the Think 20 Summit that was mandated by this Year’s German Presidency in the Group of 20. G20 Think 20 Global Solutions Summit brought together a variety of Nobel Laureates, Ministers, Young researchers and even entrepreneurs with high potential from all over the world.

Intel introduced a neural network the size of a flash drive

Recently neural networks are used in virtually all spheres of human activity. This technology would seem to require a huge capacity and are not available to ordinary users, while remaining a portion of large corporations. However, a subsidiary of Intel called Movidius already launches the Neural device Compute Stick. It has a size comparable to a normal USB flash drive, while inside is hidden a powerful neural network with deep machine learning.

Airbus will begin testing passenger drones next year

Earlier it was reportedthat Airbus is preparing to begin testing of “flying car” at the end of 2017, but now the company representatives said they plan a large-scale test at the end of 2018. This has all the necessary expertise and resources, but the purpose of the unit is the creation of a comfortable and safe vehicle capable of carrying several passengers. Apparently, this was the reason for the decision on the postponement of the flight tests of passenger drones.