Central Asian Science and Technology Integration: Kazakhstan - Tajikistan.

A delegation from Tajikistan, representing the State Institution “National Patent Information Center”, visited National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation JSC with the purpose of and acquaintance with the activities of NCSTE. The meeting was held within the framework of the Agreement on Cooperation and Interaction.

Tajik partners were interested in the existing system of scientific financing in Kazakhstan; they got acquainted with the Center’s key departments and their activities. Particular attention was paid to the Department for Information Resources Development, whose main activity is the state registration of scientific, scientific and technical projects, programs and reports on them, as well as dissertations protected in Kazakhstan.

The main processes and procedures of the Center and the level of its digitalization impressed the partners. Namely, the Center has created an automated information system for the reception of grant applications and their support for all stages of state scientific and technical expertise. In addition, the software provides a procedure for secret voting at the decision-making stage by members of the National Scientific Councils. At the same time, the Kazakh R&D Bank has been fully digitized with the depth of search going as far back as 1993.

The delegation visited the dissertational hall of the Center, which contains the information fund of reports and dissertations registered in Kazakhstan.

The number of scientific organizations engaged in R&D in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan is 386 and 80, respectively. The share of domestic R&D expenditures is 0.13% of GDP. According to the head of the Tajik delegation K. Miraliev, this figure is much lower in Tajikistan.


During the meeting Mr. Ibrayev, the president of the Center, offered the Tajik partners the access to the Kazakh database, in order to expand cooperation and to create a unified Central Asian citation base, which would raise the Russian-language scientific content of Tajikistan to the next level.


Baglan Kulumbayeva

Public Relations,

National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation JSC.

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